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I started playing guitar when I was 12 and that was 36 years ago! I took to guitar like a duck to water and have never looked back. If I had 8 hrs a day to play then I probably would!! I've spent many years in a lead vocal/guitar role in church bands which has allowed me to gain much valuable experience.


I started out on a cheap used classical guitar which was quite difficult to play because the strings sat so high off the fretboard! However, I persevered and spent many hours in my bedroom sitting on my bed working through the Complete Guitar Player Course. I could see I was progressing and this spurred me on to stick at it.


In truth I was never discouraged to the point of giving up because I was enjoying the challenge so much but there were times of feeling stagnant and that I had plateaued. This is why it's so important to use a systematic approach to learning that always gives you somewhere to go, something else to learn! That way you never get bored!


Ever since I tried teaching a few students many years ago I've loved it! I enjoy seeing people make the transition from complete beginners to musicians who can play confidently, clearly and in time. Whether it's performing a melody or an accompaniment it brings a real sense of accomplishment to both the student and me. 


There is so much to love about this instrument and I never really appreciated just what it takes to master it. You will never stop learning, there is just so much to know and so many wonderful techniques that can be employed. Learning to play guitar can be frustrating especially in the early stages, but you have to accept that and learn to enjoy the challenge of making that guitar sing!!I want to bring all of my experience from the real world into my lessons. This includes many years spent in a real live setting. I've been privileged to sing and play on stage in front of thousands of people and have also had the opportunity of working full-time in the Audio and Lighting Industry in both a hands on and higher management role. 

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