Added Extras

Offering my students a little extra....

I try to offer as much as I can by way of service to my students. This includes advice and supply of guitars and accessories, recording equipment to record live performances and the introduction of Popular Music Theory with an emphasis on Band Knowledge.

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As an aspiring recording artist, I like to give my students a taste of what it's like to don the headphones, sit in front of the mic and record a real live track! Most, if not all of my students have never had the opportunity to experience hearing themselves play (and talk lol) on a recording. Recording is a little like playing a live performance - it's got to be right, but don't worry we can always do another take LOL. Then students can take their recording away for posterity.



Many of my students are beginners and so often they are in need of a good instrument to start them on their journey towards being guitar virtuoso's! Often it can fall to the student or parent to venture into the unknown world of guitar selection and can be just another thing they need to worry about. I like to take that stress off their hands and since I know what to look for I can advise and supply a good quality instrument at an affordable price.



There are many different accessories that guitar enthusiasts like to buy but there are really only a handful that are absolutely essential. Some guitars can come as a starter pack that include a tuner, strap, picks and a cover. In any case a few picks and a cover/bag for your guitar are all you really need. If you are starting with an older guitar, it's likely the strings will need changed and it may need a good clean with lemon oil and polish. Again I can supply any of these to students at fair and reasonable prices.


Popular Music Theory

I always like to try and introduce some music theory into my lessons, even if on a basic level. It's good for students to broaden their musical vocabulary with terms such as tempo, rhythm, dynamics and articulation to name a few. Equally important is band knowledge. Basic information on how a band operates and what a guitarist in a band may be expected to know and do is also something I teach my students. In short to try and impart some real life scenarios into lessons. Perhaps I will ask the student to play their piece while I sing the vocal part or we will perform a duet together.