Teaching Methods

Something for everyone -  the young and the not so young!

All of these resources have been chosen because of their reputation. They are all well established brands that are here to stay. I try to offer a broad spectrum of teaching materials that should suit every taste.


Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course

This is a great introduction to guitar for children aged 5 upwards and is the best resource I could find for young children. They learn how to read music by playing single note melodies and 3-string chords. The book comes with downloadable audio tracks to play along with. This colourful and comprehensive course will soon have your children playing guitar! My go-to book for Primary School aged children. Bags of fun!


The Complete Guitar Player Course

This course has been in print for many years and is a tried and tested guitar method for learning to play songs. I started with this course myself and found it easy to follow, straightforward and informative. This is still a great course with which to learn guitar. A CD is included with the books and there are many other songbooks and course books in the series. A stalwart in guitar tuition, I still have a soft spot for this guitar course. There will always be something to be said for just picking up a hard copy tutor book and playing your heart out!


ROCKSCHOOL Acoustic Guitar Grades

ROCKSCHOOL is one of a number of organisations that supply resources for guitar grades. Their Acoustic Grades start with Debut and finish with Grade 8. I use the e-version of the book as this is the way many of the organisations are going and it's important for me to stay current with what is happening in my industry. This method uses Tablature (or TAB for short) and teaches the student how to play single note melodies and accompaniment using chords. Grades cover other technical exercises and knowledge that would not be covered in the Complete Guitar Player Course. Examples in the syllabus include Scales, Sight Reading, Improvisation, Ear Tests and General Musicianship. I won't push students to sit exams but am more than happy to prepare them for sitting any exam up to and including Grade 8. Current, fresh and exciting!



Yousician is a new breed of guitar tuition that has been around for some time but that not everyone is aware of. It's a completely online based teaching method that uses both TAB and standard music notation. It starts with the basics of how to read TAB and once you 'unlock' Level 1 you then have a choice of 3 different paths - LEAD, KNOWLEDGE or RHYTHM. The software can be used without paying a subscription fee and includes some super sounding tracks with vocals and covers a range of different genres. It is quite extensive so takes a while to get around but is definitely worth consideration for anyone who is at least a little tech-savvy. I love it!