• Daniel Anderson

Tune Your Guitar Using Relative Tuning

This video shows you how to tune your guitar if you didn't have a piano around or any other note available to tune to. This method is called Relative Tuning because we are tuning strings five, four, three, two and one 'relative' to the sixth string. In other words it's the next best thing to having the correct note to start with. However, this will mean that your guitar will be in tune to play chords and will sound in tune, BUT, will not be in tune with a piano or a song on Spotify or YouTube. That's because we are only tuning the guitar to the closest note we have available which is the sixth string. We use the sixth string because, being thicker and heavier, it may not be as out of tune as the other strings.

Remember this is only if you don't have a note to tune from in the first place like from a piano or CD. The next blog post will give a link to another video which will show you how to use this same method when you DO have a note to tune from.

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