• Daniel Anderson

How To Tune Your Guitar Using a Tuning App

If you've always wanted to know how to tune a guitar have a look at this video by Fender. This shows how to use a tuning app to tune your guitar. In the old days people used a tuning fork or piano. Then as time went on they used a small black box with electronics inside and a mic such as the KORG GA-1. They could also use a tuning track from a CD. Then a digital tuner was developed which attached to the headstock and used the vibrations of the guitar to tell you if your strings were too high (sharp) or too low (flat).

It's still good practice to try out the other methods such as the tuning track on a CD or using a piano as it will develop your ear musically! Nowadays though we use an app or website to tune our guitars. Enjoy the video!

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