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I've been tutoring since 2014 and I've been playing for over 35 years. I'm Grade 8 in Acoustic Guitar but also teach the Ukulele. I tutor all ages from 5 upwards - absolute beginner to advanced player.

A student described my teaching style as, 'very informal..and very informative'. I want my students to be relaxed and to have fun. Students should enjoy their lessons and I try very hard to make sure that happens, every single time.

Some students see their lessons as therapy and some take lessons to challenge themselves and to achieve a new skill. I love teaching the guitar because I love playing the guitar. Being able to teach people how to play it, is a dream come true.
                                                                                           - Daniel
Learning Methods
All of these resources have been chosen because of their reputation. They are all well established brands that are here to stay. I try to offer a broad spectrum of teaching materials that suit every single taste.

Acoustic Guitar Ages 5 and up

Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course

This is a lovely little course that will introduce your children to guitar using chord shapes and standard music notation (they will learn to read a little music!). Students use a beautifully illustrated hard copy book AND online media which gives them the best of both worlds. It caters for ages 5 and up and serves as a springboard to further, more challenging, learning methods. Their online platform is easy to navigate and includes options for video and audio with speed and loop functionality. This gets 5 stars from me for children excited to get started in guitar!


Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele Ages 8 to Adult

Everything has gone digital - almost. Learning is no different and I'm keen to embrace the technology as well as traditional methods of tuition. Instead of learning from a book we now have the option of using online learning platforms. One of the leading platforms that I think is perfect for children (and adults!) is Yousician. Do you remember Guitar Hero? The plastic guitar with the big colourful buttons? Well this is todays equivalent, but as you can imagine, a lot more sophisticated and a lot more advanced! 

Yousician listens to your instrument using a microphone on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and gives you instant feedback on screen. Watch the video below to find out more!

Rockschool Graded Exams

Acoustic Guitar Ages 8 to Adult

Some students are interested in getting their skills graded and I use the Rockschool (RSL) syllabus for Acoustic Guitar from Debut to Grade 8. There are many reasons to do grades but ultimately it comes down to the student and what their goals are. I don't push grades on students but simply offer them as an option. Grades offer a great way to progress on your instrument in a very structured manner. Doing an exam in a grade doesn't have to be daunting. It's a chance to show the examiner what you can do! If you like a challenge and want a little recognition for all your work, then perhaps grades are for you!

Students Song Choice Lesson

Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele Ages 11 to Adult

Some students prefer to dive right in and just learn a song from scratch. Or perhaps they are an intermediate or advanced student who wants to learn a particular song or style or genre. For this type of learning one of the resources I use is Ultimate Guitar. UG is probably the most widely used website of its kind. It gives the chords and tablature for literally thousands of songs which can be searched for by name, genre, style, decade, musical key and capo or no capo!! It can be used free but also has a paid for version, like most platforms these days. Check out the video below that shows the features of this great website.

I've used a number of's tutor materials and they are excellent. Their website is very comprehensive and includes a whole raft of goodies and information for those interested in the discipline of Acoustic Guitar. Once you arrive on the main site, clicking on the 'Magazine' tab takes you to what seems to be another whole website in itself. From there you can select 'Instruction'. Topics include Alternate Tunings, Blues, Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Folk, Jazz and Rock. They all come with an ebook (pdf). Some come with video and others with audio and the instruction is first class. See the video below for an example of what their lessons look like.

The Complete Guitar Player

Last but by no means least, The Complete Guitar Player books are close to my heart, as this is what I started with when I was 12 years old. I didn't even have a CD with my book, but just being able to pick up a guitar, learn some chords and play some tunes was epic. I have such fond memories of sitting on my bed with a copy of the Complete Guitar Player Book 1 beside me, trying to twist my fingers into these unusal shapes called chords! The Complete Guitar Player Series is highly successful and is still selling to this day! There are many many books in the series. A really excellent set of tutor books that truly do make learning easy. Check them out on Amazon:


Check out the video review below for The Complete Guitar Player Book 1

Student Portal
If you are a student of DAGT, then this is where you log-in. Below is a list of things you can do once signed-in to the Portal:
  • View your CALENDAR

  • REGISTER/CANCEL a lesson

  • Access your ZOOM LINK

  • Read your LESSON NOTES



  • Use your PRACTISE LOG

  • View your EMAILS

Below is an example of the Home screen that a student will see when they log-in.
Home screen.png

The practice log is an area where a student can use a timer to record all their practice. Students who play their instrument more, will advance more quickly than others. This little tool is the perfect way to see what you have practiced and how much time you've spent doing it. Experience tells me that if you don't write it down, you simply won't know what you've done.

Below is an example of the Practice Log Timer screen.
Practice Log Timer.png

If you'd like to sign-up for lessons, you can do so by completing the form below. Please read my Policy Details, found below, before completing the form:


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